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HME Quick Start (for Hobbyists!)

The Quick Start let's you get a taste of HME running on your TiVo DVR.


In order to use the Quick Start, you must:

  • own a Series2 TiVo DVR (not supported on DirecTV or Series 1 DVR)
  • have it connected to your home network
  • be running TiVo service update 7.1-X or higher. Your box will automatically receive this release through a scheduled rollout process. To get on the priority list for this upgrade, sign up here.
Also, your PC must:
  • have Java 1.4.2 (or later) installed
  • if you use Windows XP SP2, the Windows Firewall may prevent your DVR from talking to your PC. You must allow an exception for HME. See Understanding Windows Firewall for more details.
Quick Start

If you meet these requirements, click here to launch the HME Quick Start. Follow the instructions to see HME in action!


Not working? Try changing the Network Address to match the network on which your DVR resides. Read the Troubleshooting section of the FAQ for more suggestions.

Questions? Feedback? Use our mailing list, tivohme-developer@lists.sourceforge.net
Please DO NOT contact TiVo Customer Support with questions about HME. They will be unable to help you in any way.
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