1 Overview

What Is the Bananas UI Toolkit?

What Does the Toolkit Contain?

Bananas Class Tree

About This Guide

2 Key Concepts

BApplication and the Screen Stack

User Interface Layers

Views and Widgets

Screen Layers


Methods for Entering and Exiting Screens


Changing Focus

Focus Movement

Focus Manager


Actions for Whispering Arrows



Custom Sounds

Default Application Behavior

3 Bananas Widgets




Creating a List

Performance Tip

Sample Code

Example 1: Standard List

Example 2: List with Icon Showing Focus

Example 3: Right-Aligned List


Types of Standard Keyboards

Standard Keyboard Behaviors and Options

Sample Code

Creating a Keyboard Widget

Plain Keyboard

e-Mail Keyboard

Plain Keyboard with Scrolling Text Area

Handling Events

4 Customization

Sample Code

Packaging the Images

Standard Elements

Loading Application-Specific Images for a Skin

Basic Steps

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